Slot machine test: Shiva

Shiva online slot-this slot takes you into the world of the Hindu faith and friends presents an interpretation of the goddess Shiva, which is attached to a very high importance in India. You get to do it, who will be here probably unique of the setting with a very colorful slot. Classic isn't to while in the design, but the functions of the slots. In Shiva, the symbols make a good figure and can good luck maybe really friends so how it anyway after it says Shiva. But not only Indian symbols, but also animals that play an important role in this context are available friends. Normal payline WINS there is no shortage in the slot Shiva, as much more important could itself but the free spins, make out that you especially your luck can make. Play you can mercury slot of course at Sunmaker Casino. You can go to a registration with real money of this Indian tradition to the bottom.

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Shiva online play

As a result of the unique theme Shiva is in any case very special to play, even if the entire slot of course holds no real surprises mechanism. However, the coincidence in an online slot machine plays Yes already very important, which is why this resistance is also good. You will in any case very quickly cope with Shiva and you get used to the game. The chances of winning could ensure that although not within less spins will make you rich, but still be discard something.

In each round, it is your goal to make winning lines. Such a series is always on one of the lines, of which there are more in this slot as Shiva arms - a total of 50 paylines. A series consists of at least two, or other symbols, three of the same motifs. The series must begin far left. Then, a win is awarded. Theoretically, several lines can be filled so that your profit of rounds of is composed of several lines. Is even very possible in Shiva because some symbols with two motifs can form a row.

The slot game symbols in the Shiva online slot

What you can win at the end, not alone depends on the coincidence of the slots. Your usage is equally important. The symbols have the function in the win lines, a unlock multiplier, which multiplies in the case of a profit with your usage. Even the row length is decisive for the amount of the multiplier next to the icon. So your usage is higher, the higher income can be also eventually.

Not only the world of gods in Hinduism, but also numbers and letters, which also act as symbols in Shiva's

colorful. As also from other slots, take regular small profits, can be quite lucrative, but also in five rows. But also in this slot is that icons have more on the box. About the cat or the monkey. The crocodile and the serpent are even better suppliers. Multiplier 500 in the longest series of these symbols. It sits the Golden elephant that even twice as much is worth. Shiva himself is the wild symbol and thus replaced other images if this series can be completed. The Palace serves as a supplier for free.

Slot machines instructions of Shiva

You can directly go with Shiva play. Just visit the online casino and make real money bets. After winning a round must but still does not immediately end. You then whatever the opportunity to choose where you can put your rounds winnings again from two risk functions. The chance that you double your profit several times with the risk of head or cards. But here it is also always double or nothing, which is why the risk always resonates. You should sit out so high profits not at risk in Shiva.

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